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We Offer Reliable Products and Services

At ONLY PALLETS, LLC in Woodstock, GA, we partner with a variety of industries in the region, offering premade and custom pallet solutions.

Standard Size

We carry industry-standard Grade A and Grade B pallets at cost-effective prices.

Popular Sizes Available:

  • 40 x 48
  • 42 x 42
  • 43 x 43
  • 44 x 44
  • 48 x 40
  • 48 x 42
  • 48 x 48

Custom Orders

Are you shipping or storing larger-than-average equipment or products? We can custom-build pallets according to your request. With our many years of experience, coupled with our advanced tools of the trade, we are able to apply special solutions, including heat treatments on demand.

48 x 40
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